Auto Electrician NC II

Course Information

COURSE TITLE                   Auto Electrician NC II
LEVEL National Certificate Level II




This course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes of an individual to become competent as Auto Electrician  in accordance with industry standards. Upon completion of this course the graduates will be able to work in Automobile workshop where they can perform services  such as perform professionalism development, safety and workshop practices; apply fundamentals of electricity; maintain automobiles batteries, charging system, and lighting system; maintain iginition and starting system; and maintain electrical accessories.


To obtain the qualification of Heavy Vehicle Driving NC II, all learning outcomes prescribed for this qualification must be achieved.



701(Institute Training) +   576(OJT)= 1277 Hours
TRAINING PROPORTION 1:6 12 (Practical)

1:20 (Theory)




·         Passed Class X

·         Copy of  Valid CID

·         Copy of  Valid Security Clearance certificate

·         Copy of  NOC for in-service  candidates

·         Copy of Medical fitness certificate

COURSE OBJECTIVE                         


Upon completion of all the training modules of Auto Electrician NC level II, the trainee will be able to do the following:

·  Perform professionalism development, safety and              workshop practices

·         Apply fundamentals of electricity

·         Maintain automobiles batteries, charging system,              and lighting system

·         Maintain ignition and starting system

·         Maintain electrical accessories.




Must be certified by DOS as a Traine

Must have undergone advanced training on instructional methodology

Must be a holder of an Auto Electrician NC III  certificate or higher

·         Must have  2-3 years working experience

·         Should have good moral character

·         Preferably computer literate

·         *Must have at least 5years job/industry experience

(* applicable only if institutes hire the instructor or guest lecturer from industry)

SELECTION OF TRAINEES The institutes must abide by the following points for the selection of the candidate for the admission:

· Registration of candidates to be done by respective             institutes

· The registration shall be closed 15 days prior to a                  selection interview

·  Conduction of selection interview per batch

·  Minimum four members  to be ensured in  interview          selection committee

Interview Selection Criteria: Total 100 Points


Training Modality Module Title Learning outcomes Nominal Duration
1.Institute Training 1.1   Perform professionalism development, safety and workshop practices


1.1.1        Develop Professionalism

1.1.2        Exercise safety

1.1.3        Perform basic workshop work

1.1.4        Use hand tools and measuring instruments




46 Hours

1.2  Apply fundamentals of electricity 1.2.1        Apply basic electrical theory

1.2.2        Verify DC circuits

1.2.3        Apply basic electronics theory



30.5 Hours

1.3   Maintain automobiles batteries, charging system, and lighting system 1.3.1        Service automobiles batteries

1.3.2        Service charging system

1.3.3        Service lighting system



171 Hours

1.4   Maintain iginition and starting system 1.4.1        Service ignition system

1.4.2        Service starting system



140 Hours

1.5  Maintain electrical accessories.


1.4.3        Service meter and gauges

1.4.4        Install/Service audio visual system

1.4.5        Service wiper and washer system

1.4.6        Service horn

1.4.7        Service power mirrow system

1.4.8        Service power window system

1.4.9        Service sun roof system

1.4.10    Service power seat system











2.      On the Job Training( High way driving) 576
Total 1277



Internal assessment for every module and learning outcome will be done through assignments, project works, continuous assessment, demonstration of practical skills/observations, oral questioning, written test. The trainees will be either Competent with distinction; Competent with Merit; Competent or Not Yet Competent based on their fulfillment of the Grading criteria.(refer annex:1)


Summative assessment after completion of each level will be conducted by Department of Occupational Standards (DOS) as per the criteria set in the OSS (for e.g. refer annex 1: assessment sample resources)



On the successful completion of every module, the institutes will award a certificate of achievement to the trainees (refer annex II). The Department of Occupational Standards will award a National Certificate to the trainees at the successful completion of each level.


1.      Modular

2.      Demonstration

3.      Lecture

4.      Discussion

5.      Project Work





Gloves, Helmet ,Safety shoes, Goggles, Ear muff, Safety belt, Workshop dress,Mask

·         Learning Material

·         Text books

·         Reference books

·         Handouts

·         CBLM