Auto Mechanic NC II

COURSE TITLE                   Automobile Mechanic


LEVEL National Certificate Level II




This course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes of an individual to become competent as Auto Mechanic in accordance with industry standards. Upon completion of this course the graduates will be able to work in Automobile workshop where they can perform services  such as demonstrate professionalism development, safety and workshop practices; service suspension system, service steering system, service brake system, Overhaul power train, service engine auxiliary system and perform basic auto-electrical works.


To obtain the qualification of Auto Mechanic NC II, all learning outcomes prescribed for this qualification must be achieved.



Hours [792.5 (Institute Training) + 576 (OJT)]=1368.5 Hours



·         Passed Class X

·         Copy of  Valid CID

·         Copy of  Valid Security Clearance certificate

·         Copy of  NOC for in-service  candidates

·         Copy of Medical fitness certificate


COURSE OBJECTIVE                         


Upon completion of all the training modules of Automobile  NC level II, the trainee will be able to do the following:

· Demonstrate professionalism development, safety and            workshop practices

·         Service suspension system

·         Service steering system

·         Service brake system

·         Overhaul power train

·         Service engine auxiliary system

·         Perform basic auto electrical works




Must have undergone training on instructional methodology

Must be a holder of Automobile National Certificate (NC) III or equivalent/higher with 2-3 years working experience

·         Should have good moral character

·         Preferably computer literate



Training modality Module Title Learning Outcomes Nominal Duration
Institute training 1.1  Demonstrate professionalism development, safety and workshop practices 1.1.1.      Demonstrate professionalism

1.1.2.      Exercise safety

1.1.3.      Perform basic workshop work

1.1.4.      Use hand tools and measuring instruments

78 Hrs
1.2   Service suspension system 1.2.1.      Replace faulty rigid suspension components

1.2.2.      Replace faulty independent suspension components

1.2.3.      Diagnose suspension failures

93.5 Hrs
1.3    Service steering system 1.3.1. Service steering components

1.3.2. Analyze king pin condition

1.3.3. Perform wheel alignment

1.3.4. Carry out wheel balancing

159 Hrs
1.4   1.4 Service brake system 1.4.1. Overhaul brake system

1.4.2. Adjust brake system

67 Hrs
1.5  Overhauling Power or Drive train


1.5.1.      Service Propeller Shaft Components

1.5.2.      Service Wheel bearings and components

1.5.3.      Service final drive and differential components

1.5.4.      Service Transmission Components

1.5.5.      Overhaul and service clutch mechanism

239 Hrs
1.6   Servicing Engine Auxiliary System 1.6.1.      Service Cooling System

1.6.2.      Service Lubricating system

1.6.3.      Service Petrol fuel system

1.6.4.      Service Diesel fuel system

138.5 Hrs


1.7   Perform basic electrical works 1.7.1.      Inspect/replace basic electrical components

1.7.2.        Service batteries and jump start vehicle

17.5 Hrs
TOTAL 792.5 Hrs
On The  Job training 2.1  Service steering system 2.1.1.       Service steering components

2.1.2.      Analyze king pin condition

2.1.3.      Perform wheel alignment

2.1.4.       Carry out wheel balancing

165 Hrs
2.2  Service brake system 2.2.1.  Overhaul brake system 30 Hrs
2.3  Overhauling Power or Drive train






2.3.1        Service Propeller Shaft Components

2.3.2        Service Wheel bearings and components

2.3.3        Service final drive and differential components

2.3.4        Service Transmission Components

240 Hrs
2.4  Servicing Engine Auxiliary System 1.7.2.      Service Cooling System

1.7.3.      Service Lubricating system

1.7.4.      Service Petrol fuel system

1.7.5.      Service Diesel fuel system

141 Hrs
TOTAL 576 Hrs
GRAND TOTAL 1368.5 Hrs




Internal assessment for every module and learning outcome will be done through assignments, project works, continuous assessment, demonstration of practical skills/observations, oral questioning, written test. The trainees will be either Competent with distinction; Competent with Merit; Competent or Not Yet Competent based on their fulfillment of the Grading criteria.(refer annex:1)

Summative assessment after completion of each level will be conducted by Department of Occupational Standards (DOS) as per the criteria set in the OSS (for e.g. refer annex 1: assessment sample resources)



On the successful completion of every module, the institutes will award a certificate of achievement to the trainees (refer annex II). The Department of Occupational Standards will award a National Certificate to the trainees at the successful completion of each level.


·         Modular

·         Demonstration

·         Lecture

·         Discussion

·         Project Work


Transmission jack, Work bench, Bench vice, Dial indicator, Feeler gauge, Micrometer, Tray, Lever, Car lift, Torque wrench, Drain plug spanner, Oil can, Snap ring expander, Pressure gauge, Tacho Meter, Hydraulic jack, Dial gauge, V-block, Oil dispenser, Axle puller, Radiator tester kits, Temperature gauge/thermometer, Pressure tester, Fan belt tension gauge, Analog and Digital Multimeter/voltmeter, Torch, Pressure tester adapterGas/electric Stove, Oil pressure gauge, Fan  belt tension gauge, Straight edge/steel rule, Test lamp, Air compressor, Air filter, Vacuum cleaner, Straight edge Muffler box, Thickness gauge, Test lamp, Turbo Charger, Charging analyzer, Battery charger, Battery jump starter, Hydrometer, Battery cell tester, Support stand, Caster-camber gauge, Puller, Wheel alignment equipment, Wheel balancing machine, Caster-camber gauge,  Grease dispenser, Coil spring compressor,  Hydraulic press,  Fire extinguisher, Pedestal drilling machine, Hand drilling machine, Blower lamp,  Grease gun, Grinding  machine, Arc welding machine, Angle grinder, High speed cutter, Anvil, Work Table, Vernier calliper, wheel wedge, Magnetic stand and Paraffin Blow lamp.


·         Auto Mechanic hand tools, Special Service Tools (SST), Power tools, Oil gun, Screw driver set, Torque wrench, Allen key sets, Tong, Paintbrush, Pulley puller set, Wire striper, Knife, Soldering iron, Soldering stand, Led tester, Tension gauge, Scrapper, Bastard file, Wire stripping pliers, Pocket knife, Socket wrench, Ring spanner, DE spanner, Combination pliers, Long nose pliers, Side cutting pliers, Circlip pliers, Screw driver,  Hammer, Flaring tools, Crimping pliers, Flat Rough cut file, Flat Medium cut file, Flat Fine cut file, Hacksaw, Marker,  Adjustable protector, Welding screen, Chipping hammer, Steel wire brush, Try square, Steel rule, Measuring Tape, Tube cutter, Pipe reamer, Electrician Screw driver set and Impact screw driver set


·Pinion gears, Shifting shafts, Shifting fork, Gear oil, Transmission fluid, Snap ring, Components of Transaxle, Propeller shaft, Grease, Markin cloths, Cross bearing, Centre bearing, Circlip lock, Marker, Differential oil, Bearings, Thrust washer, Ring gear, Star gear, Sun gear, Oil seal, Pinion shaft, Drive pinion, Water, Container, Red lead, Shim/Thrust,  Washer, Differential, MP grease, Sealants, Coolant, Thermostat valve, Radiator hoses, Pressure Cap, Fan belt, Cooling fan, Water pump, Heat sensitive switch, Litmus paper, Thermo-sensor,  Fuse , Kerosene, Tray, Lever,  Fan, Distilled water, Gear or worm-type clamp/Banded or screw-type clamp/Wire clamp, Rubber hose set, Gasket, Anti-freeze, Engine oil, Oil pump, Rocker arm gasket, Crankshaft oil seal, Oil sump gasket, Electrical wire, Insulation tape, Fuse Plug in bulb, Oil pressure switch, RTV sealer, Engine oil filter, Diesel fuel filter, Fuel pipes, Diesel Bleeding screw, Diesel fuel, Banjo washers, Bolts, Crankcase, Sensors, Probes/wires, Fuse, Battery, Cables, Insulation tape, Bulb, Soldering flux, Soldering Lead, Hydrochloric Acid, Jumper cable, Damp cloth, Connector, Rust lick, Head lamp assembly, Horn, Starter motor, Alternator, Wiper motor, Head lamp assembly, Horn, Battery terminal, LT wires, Emery cloth, Stabilizer bar and linkages, Coil, Leaf springs, Torsion bar, Shock absorbers, Suspension arms and Bushes, Ball joints, Control arms, Drill bit, Bush, Kingpin, Bearing, Shims, Balance weight, Brake fluid, Hacksaw blade,  Lithium grease, Cleaning solvents,  Assorted terminal/Thimbles/lux, Water paper,  Damp cloth, Soldering stand, Heat shrink tube, Crimp terminals, Electrode, Ferrous/non-ferrous metals, Chalk, Brake pipe, Brake pipe union, Single filament bulb, Bulb holder, Hacksaw blade, Funnel Lighter, Sockets, Pneumatic pipe, Jacks and Repair Manual book


· Gloves, Helmet, Safety shoes, Goggles, Ear muff, Dust mask, Safety belt, Apron and Safety bag

Learning/Instructional Materials

·         Text books

·         Reference books

·         Handouts

·         CBLM

·         Audio/Video